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Flexibility, scalability, and reliability are concepts at the core of the iClosingsDirect software line of products for escrow, title and closing companies. Developed from the ground up, this product has been valuable to the success of some of the most successful escrow, title, and closings companies in the nation. Whether your operation handles 10 or 10,000 orders a month, the speed and precision of our software product will enhance your current business flow, help you improve service levels, and increase the overall quality of your product.

Ascent Services


iClosingsDirect handles everything from the initial file entry to settlement to final policy generation. Information entered into the electronic file seamlessly merges into Commitments and final policies. Take advantage of our integrated workflow tracking system which will allow you to monitor files, employees, and department productivity using our reporting functionality. To improve the service levels that you offer your clients, iClosingsDirect has an integrated customer website that will allow your clients to see real time file information, upload and download documents, and view and send file notes.



Efficiency, accountability, and control are the foundations of the iClosingsDirect Escrow product. Granite Software developed, in conjunction with Escrow Professionals, an escrow product specifically designed to fit the needs of the Escrow industry. Users have the ability to utilize a wide range of modules to manage daily tasks at a highly efficient rate. iClosingsDirect comes with a robust document package that can be tailored per your specifications. Documents created within the system are fully editable using Microsoft Word and can be emailed directly to your clients. With a strong emphasis on accounting, the system provides tools for balancing payoff, title charges, funding figures, and creating GFEs. Escrow Officers and Assistants can use Reminders to create a To-Do List to help manage tasks and files within their unit. We also provide an Integrated Customer Website that will allow your clients to open and view real time file information.



Closings Software combines the best of both worlds, fully integrating our Title Software functionality, such as Commitment and Policy generation, with our full escrow software offerings. Create HUDs and GFEs, balance files, and generate instructions and letters with minimal typing. All tools we offer such as the integrated customer website, To-Do Lists, and reporting are all imbedded in our Closing Package.

More powerful that you think

Granite Software has been the 1 stop solution for your business software needs. We have pricing designed to beat all of our competitors.

Mobile Optimized

Software Integration

Software Integration is at the core of progress. Think about all the Apps on your phone that drastically increase the power of your device. A seamless connection between your camera and Facebook allows a picture to be taken and posted in seconds.

How could your organization benefit processes that are either simplified or automated? This is the core concept behind software integration.

B2B Integration

Business to Business Integrations can be created using a variety of methods. Our company will work with your organization to figure out what solutions work best for your business. Once we understand the landscape, we can produce a solution that not only meets your business needs, but also your budget.

In the past, we have completed integrations with Loan Origination Software products so that orders are opened in one system manually and then that information is passed, system to system without any user intervention, to our customers. No delays, no hiccups.

RealEC has positioned themselves at the center of the real estate transaction for many organizations. Our RealEC integration allows us to share and extract data with companies that use iClosingsDirect and icdCloud.

XML is a powerful tool developed to connect computer systems and databases. Our programmers have vast XML knowledge and can connect to any predefined XML standard that already exists or we can develop an XML schema from scratch.

All of these scenarios scream for integration. Systems are made to be integrated and we possess a variety of tools to facilitate the seamless transfer of data, information, and documents. Integrations improve accuracy and decrease time necessary to complete tasks, often instantaneously sharing and connecting core business functions.

Consulting Services

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Software implementations are one of the most important projects a company can undertake. Most often, the software is being implemented to improve mission critical processes, reorganize a company, or take on new avenues of business.

The software vendor ALWAYS makes it sound organized and easy. Until you begin installing, then all the questions, problems, and limitations arise. Most of these restrictions are known, but asking the correct questions is difficult for upper and mid-management personnel because of time constraints and lack of experience implementing software and foreseeing issues.

Most organizations would benefit from a partner who has experience in implementing software. A group of people who speak the same language as the people who designed your software product and who can predict issues and constraints based on prior experience is invaluable. Proper planning and project scoping can ensure a successful implementation and smooth the transition into new processes.

So many organizations install software products only to find that the outcome is not what was expected or promised. Most often, the software product does do what you want, but details have been omitted during the installation process that severely hinders the success of the project.

Granite Software offers Training Services that improve the probability of a successful implementation. We develop training materials, job-aid manuals (JAMs), and customize workflows to your needs by asking the right questions and focusing on the core objectives that lead to success.

We also have training professionals on staff that can clearly show your users how to use a new software product to its maximum potential. Let your staff focus on their priorities while we focus on serving you.

New employee starting Monday? How do they get trained? In most cases, a new employee is trained by a top employee, taking away time from top employees as processes, procedure, and software basics are explained one on one. This is time consuming and important details can be missed.

Even if this training is sufficient, where does a new employee go with questions?...back to your top employees, further reducing their productivity. Why not standardize the process and create a video repository to train new employees? Are your industry or company standards changing? Why not create a series of videos to educate and inform your staff?

Our multi-media team can create professional quality videos that will ensure that your staff is properly trained. These branded videos will increase the spread of knowledge and Best Practices at your company, improving overall productivity and adoption rates.

Need a better more efficient way to complete your business processes? Still doing things the way you have done them for years? Want to know how new technology can improve your overall product, customer interaction and/or output? Can automation drastically alter your process flow reducing costs?

This is what Granite Software has done since inception. Our goal is to optimize resources, improve productivity, and streamline processes by using software and experience. We will help you meet your organizational goals by improving key facets of your business.

Our consultants will facilitate dialogue within your organization to pinpoint the true value that you provide to your customers. Our position in the industry provides our team with unique insights into the Real Estate Industry and trends that are driving future profits.


Trust Account Management

Title, Escrow, and Closing companies are required to balance their trust accounts. iClosingsDirect has integrated this functionality into our product offering Deposit Slip creation, Trust Account Reconciliation and easy to use, interactive reporting that will clearly summarize data by office, bank account, and the entire organization with a few clicks.Our staff will either work with your accounting department to develop best practices or we will complete the reconciliation for you on a monthly basis. Do not worry about your audits; because once our reconciliation system is implemented correctly, there will be no stress.

Scanning Services

Real Estate transactions are paper intensive. All of our customers struggle with searching for files, centralizing data and information, and eventually storing files. For our customers, we have worked to establish process workflow guidelines for managing paper, going paperless, and archiving. These guidelines can become internal processes or we can help facilitate and manage the entire process from start to finish. With an industrial scanner, we can quickly clean up your backlog and literally clear the workspace in your office for employees or other functions.

icdCloud Integrated

Beyond Paperless

icdCloud is directly connected to iClosings. Simple, smooth, powerful: Solutions for printing, filing, storing and retrieving documents.

Once documents have been uploaded to icdCloud, they can be easily managed and shared. Enable access to documents through secure email communication ensuring the utmost privacy and security for your business.

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